Cricut Mug Press

Brand: Cricut

Brand: Cricut

Material: Coffee Mugs

Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.19 X 13.15 X 8.74 Inches

Item Weight7.89 Pounds

Regular price $196.99
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The Cricut Mug Press performs the sublimation of coffee mugs in a few settings. It holds decor expertise to design your mugs beautifully. It consists of integrated pro-heating features that help enhance simple mugs of sizes 11 to 16 oz through simple settings. From this, professional quality mugs can be created for any specific occasion.


  • The Cricut Mug Press has a dimension of 8.19 X 13.15 x 8.47 inches, and it can accommodate mugs of sizes up to 11-16 oz. 
  • It weighs 7.89 pounds and is a lightweight, extremely portable, and easy-to-handle heat press machine. 
  • It consists of an in-built patent-pending heat plate with a zone heating feature that helps provide even results on everything with a heat press on mugs. 
  • The Cricut Mug Press works well with infusible ink transfer sheets, pens, and markers. 
  • The Mug Press consists of an auto-shut-off feature that immediately turns off the machine when the printing is done. 


  • With its easy technology, you can print various beautiful designs on your mug using Cricut Mug Press. 
  • You can create impressive gifts for your loved ones using this machine. 
  • Creating dish-wash-safe designs on your mugs is effortless and doesn't take up much time. 
  • Professional quality designs can be created on your coffee mugs sitting at your home.

How To Setup

  1. Start by opening the cricut.com/setup website on your Windows or mac PC.
  2. Then, download the Design Space software and sign up.
  3. When you open the Design Space app, the "Welcome to Cricut setup page" will pop up on your screen.
  4. From there, you must select Heat Press and Cricut Mug Press.
  5. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to get started with your Cricut Mug Press.
  6. Verify the firmware and install the latest version.
  7. Finish the activation and get ready to use your Cricut Mug press.


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Customer Reviews

Creating customized mugs never have been easier

Hello! My name is Jessica and i am definitely loving this machine. I was gifted this machine by my close friend on my birthday. I always have had a hobby for making DIY crafts and i used to make many. However, this is the first time i am using a professional machine, and i am quite happy with this machine. The best thing is my children also like to use this machine. Name: Jessica Holmer


I had been planning to get a Mug press machine for a long time, and finally, I got this product. I have made hundreds of cool mugs with the help of this machine. Also, it helped to earn some extra cash as a sold many mugs at the local exhibition and also by putting them on sale online.

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