Cricut EasyPress Tote

Brand: Cricut

Brand: Cricut

Material: Heat Resistant Material

Item Dimensions LxWxH 22.86 X 16.51 X 25.4 Cm

Item Weight893 Grams

Regular price $27.98
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The Cricut EasyPress Tote helps you carry your cutting machine on your shoulder comfortably. It is composed of thick and padded heat-resistant material that provides safe transportation of your machine anywhere. Along with your machine, you can carry accessories, mats, and tools in your pockets.


  • The tote bag's size is enough to fit in your Cricut Easy Press machine.
  • The tote bag has a large size back pocket and a useful front pocket.
  • It includes powerful straps attached to the body, which keeps the Cricut EasyPress machine undamaged during traveling.
  • The tote bag is designed with thick, premium, and heat-resistant padded material for protection against environmental factors.
  • The bag is spacious to fit other Cricut accessories such as a Cricut mat, crafting tools, a safety base, etc.

Things To Remember

  • The tote bag guards your Cricut EasyPress during transportation and traveling.
  • The bag is super easy to carry with its convenient handles, which makes it easy to travel.
  • With the tote bag, there is no need to carry an extra bag to hold other accessories while you are on the go.
  • The heat-resistant technology of the tote bag makes it convenient to travel in sunlight without worrying about your Cricut machine heating up.

How To Setup

  1. First, you need to unpack your tote bag after purchasing it.
  2. Then check for the zippers and lockers and remove all the extra packaging from the inside.
  3. Insert your Cricut EasyPress inside the bigger zipper of your tote bag.
  4. You can add other Cricut accessories and tools in the front and back pockets of the bag at the same time.
  5. Finally, now you can use this premium quality Cricut Easypress tote bag


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Customer Reviews

Best safety for my heat press machine

After i started using this Tote bag for my easy press machine, i worry less about the damage. This bag is made of premium material that keeps my machine safe. Also, it has never been easy to store and carry the device except when i started using this bag.

vital product!!!

I never realized the need for this tote until I got one after getting the suggestion from my friend. Before using this bag I used to keep my easy press mini machine without any cover and it used to get scratches and dust. But after getting this tote bag i keep my easy press safe and in new quality. Also, what i like most about this product is its premium material. Thank you very much cricut team for making this amazing product.

Value for money...

If you want to keep your easypress safe and keep it safe from scratches that it is a must to have this tote bag. I bought this bag as I did not want to damage the machine by putting it in open. This bag perfectly snuggles the machine and provides it with complete safety.

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