Cricut EasyPress mat

Brand: Cricut

Brand: Cricut

Material: Metal

Item Dimensions LxWxH 30.5 X 1.5 X 30.5 Centimeters

Item Weight30 Grams

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The Cricut EasyPress mat is a Cricut accessory used to provide a smooth and even surface for firm adhesion of the materials to create projects. The EasyPress mat provides a smooth base to hold different materials and fabrics in their place during the pressing.


  • The Cricut EasyPress mat is packed with innovative technology that discards the excess moisture from the design you want to create.
  • The mat is made from a rigid material that doesn't stiff in regular use. 
  • The mat helps in an even distribution of heat on the iron-on designs. 
  • The Cricut EasyPress mat is available in three distinct sizes: 8" X 10", 12" X 12", and 20" X 16". 
  • The Cricut mats consist of layers that protect your work surface against moisture. 
  • It's combined with premium quality durable materials, and the foil layer reflects the excess heat onto your design and protects your work surface. 
  • The silicone sponge layer works as an insulator, and a pressing pillow absorbs seams.


  • Cricut EasyPress mat provides an even surface for the materials and fabrics of your iron-on projects. 
  • The Cricut mat is also used as a protective shield to protect the work surface from excess heat and moisture. 
  • It is a worth buying accessory for your iron-on projects. 
  • The mat yields high-quality finishing to your iron-on projects and prevents your materials from air bubbles and wrinkles.

How To Setup

  1. Ensure that the right side of the Cricut mat is facing up while you are pressing your material. 
  2. Always prefer a Cricut mat larger than the heat plate of your Easypress machine. 
  3. Ensure not to use the small EasyPress mat with a medium or large Cricut EasyPress machine. 
  4. Your mat might not always be dry; hence, use it before wiping it with a damp cloth. 
  5. Don't leave the heat unattended on your mat, as it may lead to discoloration and damage to your materials.


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Customer Reviews

Essential to use for projects

I got this mat after giving a lot of thought and I have seen the difference in my project from the very first day. Ever since I started using Cricut mat for cutting designs, the results have become more premium and aesthetic. Also, with the help of a mat, I can cut materials with more accuracy and precision.

Essential products.......

I was not aware of the advantages of this product before buying it. So I was using my press machine on a regular mat and my design always used to get messed up that's made me irritated. But after my friend recommended me to get this mat i can not explain how much helpful it has been for me. Now, i can make perfect designs without any mistakes and the designs also look prolevel.

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