Cricut EasyPress 3

Brand: Cricut

Brand: Cricut

Material: Iron-On Vinyl, HTV

Item Dimensions LxWxH 30 X 25 Centimeters

Item Weight7.1 Kg

Regular price $199.99
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Cricut Easy Press 3 is a worthwhile option for anyone who wants to start making eye-catching print projects. This machine is also suitable for those who are planning to use Cricut Heat Press products for the first time. Cricut Easy Press 3 is loaded with many features that are not available in its predecessors. It is compatible with the Cricut Heat App, which is helpful in giving various vital information about the machine. 

Furthermore, using the heat app provides complete assistance and saves you from taking any guide from unreliable outside resources. In short, this machine gives freedom to complete projects in less time and keep everything at your fingertips. 


  • The Cricut Easy Press 3 is compatible with the Heat Press app, and you can connect it using the device’s Bluetooth. 
  • It is best to use base material of any thickness. 
  • The compact size of the machine makes it very handy and easily portable. 
  • The machine has very useful features which are convenient and easy to use. 
  • It has a large pressing area that can fit almost every regular-size design. 
  • This machine offers even heat distribution on every part of its surface. 
  • It gives excellent speed for up to 1-10 projects. 
  • This machine has a precise temperature control of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 205 degrees Celsius.
  • The product comes with a warranty of one year. 
  • It has a countdown timer, streamlined safety base, and auto shut-off feature. 
  • It can perfectly give uniform and edge-to-edge heating across the platen. 
  • The practice project comes with the box of this machine. 
  • It remembers the last setting of the temperature and time, which means there is no need to set the time and temperature every time. 
  • The superfast heat-up time can heat the machine in no time and complete the work faster. 
  • A dedicated outlet is not necessary to use this machine. 

Things To Remember

  • Cricut Heat App is helpful in managing tasks.
  • It comes in two variants of 9x9 inches and 12x10 inches. Also, both are very light in weight. 
  • The 9x9 inches model is best for regular-size T-shirts, bags, pillows, and similar other objects. 
  • When it comes to the 12x10 model, it is suitable for use on banners, blankets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and others.

How To Setup

  1. First of all, turn on the Cricut Easy Press 3 and set the temperature as per the requirement. (you can change the temperature to Celcius or Fahrenheit according to your preference.)
  2. Next, set the time of the machine by using the button on the screen. 
  3. After that, observe the lights on the machine. The orange light indicates that the device is being heated up, and the green light is for telling the heat has reached its maximum. 
  4. When you are good to go, press the ‘Go’ button to start the countdown on the machine. 
  5. Now you can start the printing work on your desired material. 
  6. Once the countdown is complete, a ‘Beep’ sound informes about that. 


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Customer Reviews

Best-in-class heat press machine for crafter

As a crafter myself I love to use this machine for its professional-level results for printing designs. I have made innumerable designs or various products such as T-shirts, clothes, shoes, pillows, jackets, purses, and many others and every time, got awesome results. I am happy i got this machine.

Brillient machine.....

Before using this easy press 3 machine I was using easy press 2 which was a good machine and was doing everything fine. however, I bought the easypress 3 because it has loads of features and improvements that make the printing designs work much easier and less time-consuming. Plus, the price of this product is not so high if we look for the features it offers. Apart from that, it is lightweight which makes it easier to move this machine while making the design.

A must buy for any Cricut user

This heat press machine was a birthday gift for my partner and she loves it. It is easy to use and set up. You can not go wrong as the app controls everything through a Bluetooth connection. The app lets you know what type of material you are using. If the material you press and move away, the machine will do the rest. The creation options are endless, make your own t-shirts, tote bags and more.

Worth buying....

I got this heat press machine for my teenage daughters as she likes to do crafting works. After getting this machine she has been creating various eye-catchy designed tshirsts and images on pillows, bags, jacket, hoody, you name it. As a crafter myself I also love to use this machine whenever I got some free time from work.

Cricut EasyPress 3

Perfectly give uniform and edge-to-edge heating across the platen

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