Cricut EasyPress

Brand: Cricut

Brand: Cricut

Material: Iron-On Vinyl, HTV

Item Dimensions LxWxH 9X9 Inches

Item Weight2 Kg 85 Grams

Regular price $279.00
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Cricut EasyPress is a compact and handy press machine. It is best for use with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) and iron-on vinyl. It works way faster than a regular iron and offers a top-notch print design. Many heat press machines are costly, but this machine comes at a very pocket-friendly price. Its small size makes it very simple to use and helps in printing compelling designs without any hassle. It also comes with features that ensure the safety of its users and material.

Cricut EasyPress Features

  • Its small size makes it very easy to use and store. 
  • It works best with the materials HTV(heat transfer vinyl) and iron-on vinyl. 
  • It can cover the 9x9 inches area at once for printing design
  • This machine comes with a one-year Warranty. 
  • It offers even heat on the whole platen surface. 
  • There are pressure control manuals available on it.
  • To improve safety, an auto shut-off feature is available. 
  • It has a countdown timer that can be used to set a specific time for it. 
  • It comes with safe touch externals. 
  • The lightweight of this machine makes it convenient and portable. 
  • It comes in a practice sample project with the box. 
  • It takes less time to heat than regular iron. 
  • This machine offers the best speed for printing 1-10 projects at once.
  • It works fine with base material of any fitness. 
  • The price of the machine is more affordable than other heat press machines. 
  • There are no steam or heat vents on the heat plate.
  • It comes with a safety base. 
  • It does not heat up the entire room while using it. 
  • There is no need for a dedicated outlet to use this machine. 
  • It offers accurate temperature control up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit (or 180 degrees Celsius).

Things To Remember

  • It requires a few button presses, is convenient to use, and takes only up to 3 minutes or less to heat up. 
  • The safety base materials and features keep the materials safe from burning and destruction. 
  • This machine can print professional-level customised designs on various materials, i.e., tote bags, T-shirts, purses, and hats.
  • Unlike other heavy industrial heat press machines, it does not require much electricity. So, it does not come with so much electricity bill. 
  • Its aesthetic design makes it very eye-catching and can be used as a display in a room. 
  • The small size is its essential characteristic and is helpful in making customized jaw-dropping designs.

How To Setup

Below is the step-by-step guide to easily complete the setup of the Cricut EasyPress.

  1. First, take out the Cricut EasyPress from the tote bag. (note- tote bag is a for EasyPress that helps keep the machine safe from dust and damage. )
  2. Plug the cord of the machine into an electrical outlet. 
  3. Press the power button on the machine to turn it on. 
  4. Set the temperature and the timer as per your convenience using the button on it. 
  5. Preheat the EasyPress and put it on the material you want to print the design. ( put the HTV or iron-on vinyl between the cloth and machine.)
  6. After that, apply the heat from both sides. (apply the heat for the required period.)
  7. In the last step, peel off the carrier sheet, and the design is complete.


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Customer Reviews

Amazing machine and easy to use.

I am using this machine for quite some time and i gotta admit this device is the best in the market. The best part is it is one of the most pocket-friendly Cricut heat press machines so i do not have to spend so much money. Despite being the first machine of EasyPress series i was surprised with the features it offers.

Wonderful product!!!

I gift this machine to my daughter on her birthday, and I am glad she loved this product. She loved to create art projects and crafts, so I thought it would be a good idea to gift her this Cricut easypress machine. She likes to use this machine to make designs on various things like bags, purses, t-shirts, and shoes. I think this the best machine to gift someone who is a beginner.

This is a Go Pro machine!

This heat press machine is great for small DIY projects. It heats up quickly and portable, and is easy to set up and use at home. It's the perfect size to do a t-shirt project for children. I love my heat press machine and now they are all offered in all sizes according to your needs and budgets.

Cricut EasyPress

I bought this machine to learn to make designs on T-shirts and sell them. As a beginner I did not wanted to spend huge bucks on the heat press machine. its been a while I am using this machine and I have made dozens of t-shirsts and sold them in online. It has helped to built another stream of income and save some extra cash. I would recommend this machine to anyone who is a beginner or intermediate in making crafts.

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