How to Make Labels With Cricut Explore 3?

  • Posted by:Donald Olsen

The label is a great way to communicate effectively and quickly. Crafters can use Cricut machines to create labels for branding and include those labels to organize their pantry and other parts of life. It is easy to start with label projects using Cricut Design Space. You can use templates to create labels, begin with a blank canvas, and then go with the design from scratch. 

Are you searching for an easy guide on how to make labels with Cricut? This write-up is about creating smart vinyl labels using Cricut Explore 3 for a wide variety of surfaces. You can use Cricut Joy or Cricut Maker too. Please review it and learn how to make custom labels for every collection, basket, and drawer to keep your home organized. In addition, get to know where you can use those hand-made labels and what supplies or other things you will need to begin with. 

Let’s dive in.

How Can You Use Custom-Made Labels With Cricut? 

Labels make organizing the pantry and other corners easy with a personal touch. When you have a Cricut machine, you can easily make custom labels, change their size, or print and cut them. Organize several spaces in your home with pretty DIY labels. Cricut labels not only look pretty but also organize things in your spaces and help you find them at a glance. Below are some places where you can use them. 

  • Use DIY labels for the storage bins in your nursery.
  • Label the soap dispensers of your kitchen sink.
  • Organize things in your pantry with text labels. 
  • Custom labels are perfect for drawers. 

Besides Cricut, What Else is Needed to Make Labels?

Are you on the way to how to make labels with Cricut? Prepare all the requisites before following the instructions to make labels with Cricut. Do you want to know what all other supplies and things you might need to end up with attractive labels? Below are some essential things you must have before creating labels using your Cricut Explore 3 machine. 

  • Cutting mat
  • Cricut Premium vinyl 
  • Weeding Tool
  • Transfer Tape
  • XL Scraper
  • Material Trimmer 

How to Use Cricut Design Space to Make Labels? 

Making Cricut labels is a straightforward process. Below, we’ll show you how to use Cricut Design Space with your Cricut Explore 3 machine to make labels. This software makes the process simple and efficient, allowing access to several templates. Let’s get into the directions to make labels below. 

  1. First of all, open Cricut Design Space. 
  2. Click New Project on the home page of Design Space. 
  3. When you are on the Canvas, look for the Images option. It is on the left-hand navigation bar.
  4. Click on the Images button. The cricut image library gets open, then. The image you select depends on you. 
  5. In the next step, you can select more than one label. 
  6. Insert all the labels onto your Canvas. 
  7. Adjust the size of labels when you’re on Canvas. Pull on the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the image to adjust the label’s size. 
  8. Click on Make It when you’re done with your desired design size. 
  9. Design Space will then start to send the information to the Cricut machine. 
  10. Follow all the prompts provided. Continue to cut. 
  11. When the cut finishes, unload your material. 
  12. Follow the process of weeding. Then, try to remove the excess vinyl from around the images. 
  13. Finally, apply transfer tape to the front of your design. 


To organize their homes, beginners and experienced crafters can make various labels using vinyl, Cricut pens, and Infusible inks. Start with learning how to make labels with Cricut first. First, make paper labels and then go for the complex one. The whole process becomes easy when you have easy instructions and all the needed supplies in your hand.